Imperium: Open Source Accounting and Business Management Software

Imperium is an Open Source web-based accounting software solution for small and medium sized businesses.

It provides CRM, Work Orders, Invoicing and Accounting features. Imperium delivers the "power to control" all of your business data with a client centric approach.


  • Quote and Log Parts and Labour with Work Orders
  • Generate and Track Quotes and Invoices
  • Track Contacts, Companies and Vendors
  • Import IMAP Emails
  • Integrate with Google Calendars and other Apps
  • Double-Entry Book-keeping and Accounting

Imperium is a pure XHTML/CSS and JavaScript web-standards based solution. Users can chose the workstation or mobile platform that's best for them, there are no restrictions on expensive operating systems or highly specific environments. Imperium can grow and advance with your business regardless of the desktop or mobile platform choice.

Imperium Online Demonstration

Our online demo is available 24/7, data in this system is flushed randomly and publicly visible so don't input any sensitive information.

Open Source

Imperium is released under the MIT license, just export (or checkout) to your favourite web-root or web-directory. Our project is housed on the edoceo-imperium project on Google Code as well as on GitHub.

mkdir /var/www/localhost/imperium
svn export /var/www/localhost/imperium
git clone

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